Spike TV : The Duffy Twins Short Film

Twins in an unfortunate situation.

Published On
Oct 17, 2012

Editor's Pick

Brands have done the "comparison" trick for years. Wash one twin's head with shampoo brand A, another's with shampoo brand B, and see the difference -- we kept the variables the same you see?

But Spike TV and director Dave Laden at Hungry Man take it one step further -- and into the realm of crazy -- with a funny short film about a conjoined set of twins, who, due to an exceptionally bad piece of luck, are joined in a way that means only one of them can watch TV at any time. One watches Spike TV, the other one doesn't, which means one of them is the coolest, more outrageously fun human being ever, while the other well, you'll see.


Oct 18, 2012
Brand :
Spike TV
Client :
Spike TV
Director :
Dave Laden
Production Company :
Hungry Man
Executive Producer :
Kevin Byrne
Line Producer :
Jason Gilbert
Director, Photography :
Matthew Woolf
Writer :
Lukas Kaiser
Writer :
Justin Warias
Writer :
Frances Galvon
Vice President/Creative Director :
Terry Minogue
Production Manager :
Bill Trojanowski
Editing Company :
The Cutting Room

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