A little black kitten brings nothing but good luck in this charming lottery ad

TBWA/Neboko's campaign for the Dutch State Lottery also has an animal adoption angle

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Dec 17, 2020

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The Dutch State Lottery and agency TBWA/Neboko charmed us back in 2018 with a spot featuring a scruffy pup with a limp, and now it sets out to appeal to cat lovers with the story of an adorable black  kitten. 

The new ad, highlighting the lottery's New Year's Eve draw, centers on the idea that black cats are unlucky. For that reason, when a man arrives to collect a new kitten, only the black kitten, Frummel, has been left. However, Frummel seems to bring good luck rather than bad —traffic lights turn green, elevators are magically fixed and umbrellas handily appear in the rain whenever he meows. In the end, Frummel's owner takes him along to buy a lottery ticket—but when Frummel meows at it, the man makes a surprisingly selfless gesture. Bart Timmer directed the charming film via Czar. 

The campaign also has an animal adoption angle; the Lottery teamed up with local shelters and national organization Dierenasiels.com to highlight shelter cats,with an outdoor campaign running in Dutch cities featuring photos of "Frummel's friends" who are looking for new homes.