Knorr Is Serving You Personalized Recipes Based on Your Instagram Feed

AnalogFolk Created 'Eat Your Feed' Tool for the Unilever Brand

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Mar 16, 2018

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Knorr knows what you want to eat tonight, even before you do. And all from looking at your Instagram feed.

The Unilever-owned stock cube brand has come up with Eat Your Feed, a way of analyzing Instagram users' data and serving them up personalized recipes based on their experiences and interests. For example if you've been hiking in Latin America, vacationing in Greece, or visiting certain types of restaurant, Eat Your Feed will reveal personalised recipes that match their experiences -- all of which contain Knorr stock in some way. One example given by the brand is that a snowboarding action shot in the Italian Alps could inspire "the cardio boosting One Pot Mushroom Ragout with Fusilli and Spinach."

London creative digital agency AnalogFolk worked on the tool, using visual recognition and individual image data to build a bespoke AI algorithm, and training it to understand posts and match to the perfect recipe from the Knorr recipe database. Users connect using their Instagram account and can save the recipes, or add the ingredients to their shopping basket.

As part of the campaign, the brand will open a pop-up restaurant for one day on April 11 in London, where diners will be served meals matched to their Instagram feeds.