DCX and Ecobee conduct shockingly successful focus group with climate change deniers.

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Jul 30, 2019


In honor of Earth Day, DCX invited 20 climate change deniers to a “focus group.” That focus group acted as a forum in which skeptics freely expressed some of their most shocking stances toward climate change.  Some suggested occupying other planets, while others insisted that a few degrees of excess heat is nothing to sweat over. Or maybe it is?

The stunt became #HeatedDiscussion when the smart thermometer, ecobee, cranked the temperature past 90 degrees, coupled with gale-force winds, thunder effects, flickering lights and thick smog (with enough eye- and throat-stinging power to require gas masks).

While the approach was undoubtedly extreme, sometimes that’s what it takes to get people talking. “It really opened everyone up,” says Doug Cameron, DCX founding partner. “They didn’t feel they were being preached to.”

The campaign, consisting of three-and-a-half-minute hero spot and shorter versions, debuts across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.


The campaign consisted on online video, digital banners, and social


Jul 30, 2019
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DCX Growth Accelerator

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