The Andy Awards : Elect the Jury

The Andys wants you to pick the 2010 jury.

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Oct 04, 2009
Elect the Jury

Editor's Pick

The Andy Awards, led by Co-Chairs Ty Montague of JWT and Big Spaceship's Michael Lebowitz, goes directly to the creative community to select the jury of the 2010 Show in an effort to make the show more relevant to and reflective of the industry today.

The Elect the Jury website asks the industry to pick their judges from more than 100 nominees so far, and even add to the list of candidates. The current pickings show some familiar usual suspects, like Crispin's Andrew Keller, R/GA's Nick Law and BBDO's David Lubars, but a crop of influencers from the broader world of creativity appear as well, including artist Takashi Murakami, directors like Neill Blomkamp and Michel Gondry, and Jon Favreau--the speechwriter, not the actor/director, although visitors are free to nominate the latter as well.

The selection process will go on for about four weeks, and the final jury members-about 25-will be announced on December 1.

Check out Montague and Lebowitz's Mission statement here.