Elmo is checking in, again, in this Ad Council mental health PSA

‘Hum’ follows Elmo’s viral social media check-in back in January and teaches tools for checking emotions

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Mar 25, 2024
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If Elmo’s viral mental health check-in taught him anything last month, it is that many people are not OK, and many need help coping. 

So, of course, it’s only natural that Elmo and his friends made a new PSA from Sesame Workshop and the Ad Council that focuses on how to deal with “big feelings.” 

“Hum” is the first of two new PSAs in English and Spanish launched last Thursday (March 21) targeting the emotional well-being of families. 

In the cute 30-second spot below, Elmo talks about how he gets big feelings, like frustration, under control by humming a song to center himself. He kicks off the spot humming a simple tune, as his friends—Cookie Monster, Ernie, Big Bird and others—join in chorus.

In the video, he notes that his “daddy” taught him the trick, nodding to the support needed from parents and loved ones when trying to work through emotions. 


The work is the latest extension of “Love, Your Mind” campaign developed by Huntsman Mental Health Institute and the Ad Council. 

The PSA directs audiences to Sesame Workshop’s resource hub on Sesame.org that offers emotional wellbeing resources for parents, caregivers and providers. From the hub, parents and caregivers can also navigate to LoveYourMindToday.org to find resources and information to help them take care of their own mental health. 

The campaign follows the viral social media response to Elmo checking in on X to see how people were in January. At the time, the simple question resulted in a flurry of overwhelmed and dark responses—including from some brands—prompting a follow-up from Elmo to assure everyone he read the responses and would check in again soon. 

“The growing mental health crisis is one of the most pressing issues for parents today and children’s needs can so often be overlooked,” said Samantha Maltin, EVP and chief marketing and brand officer at Sesame Workshop, in a press statement. “We know that caring for a child means supporting their whole circle of care, whether that’s parents, teachers or other caregivers. We’re grateful for our partnership with the Ad Council and ‘Love, Your Mind’ campaign, through which we can reach even more children and caregivers with these emotional well-being resources.”

In addition to the video PSA, the initiative from Sesame Workshop includes digital OOH ads that assure viewers Elmo wants to know how they are doing and directs people to Sesame.org for “mental health tools for the whole family.” 

The “Love, Your Mind” campaign invites people to create a more open, accepting and proactive society when it comes to mental health by caring for their relationships with their minds in response to the growing mental health crisis in the U.S.


Mar 25, 2024
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Sesame Workshop
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Ad Council
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Sal Perez
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Paul Rudolph

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