Etsy's holiday ads highlights sweet, unexpected moments of connection

Brand returns with more heartwarming films from 72andSunny

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Nov 01, 2021

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Etsy has made a name for itself as a destination for unique gifts. The online marketplace routinely highlights the specialness of its crafts, including handmade and one-of-a-kind items, many of which are created domestically, in its marketing, and this year’s holiday campaign is no exception.

Yet this year the retailer is unique for another way — it stands out at a time when many stores are having difficulty getting products in stock because of supply chain issues, or facing extreme merchandise delays ahead of the holiday season.

“Etsy sellers don’t have complex supply chains and are less vulnerable to these types of disruptions than many traditional retailers,” said Ryan Scott, Etsy’s chief marketing officer, noting that most of Etsy’s sellers have strong supply in key categories such as toys and jewelry that are impacted by disruptions elsewhere.

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A recent blog post, titled “Supply Concerns? Try Shopping Small” from Etsy CEO Josh Silverman promotes the benefits he says the marketplace brings compared to larger chains. “Our teams are prioritizing transparency and clear communication with our buyers across the shopping experience,” he wrote, noting that customers can filter searches to find local sellers with shorter delivery times. 

Etsy’s new holiday campaign, “Give More Than a Gift,” showcases the brand’s specialness in the gift-giving arena as the Brooklyn-based company markets itself against bigger rivals. Like last year’s emotional spots, Etsy again worked with 72andSunny. Hoffman/Metoyer directed.

Three spots each tell a different story. One ad shows an unlikely friendship that emerges between an older Asian woman and a young Black store clerk, despite her initial distrust of him at a time when hate crimes against Asians are on the rise. The two other spots push the importance of family and meaningful connections.


“We wanted to focus on relationships—expected and unexpected—that make an impact on our lives,” said Scott. “These are universal stories that everyone can relate to and with more shoppers buying with intention and seeking out products with craft, quality, and meaning, we wanted to spotlight the powerful way a gift can say something truly meaningful.”

The campaign will run on broadcast and connected TV, including Peacock and YouTube CTV for the first time. In addition, Etsy is running ads on podcasts, and digital audio like Spotify, as well as on paid social channels.


The commercials continue Etsy's strategy of humanizing its marketing in an effort to create more meaningful connections with customers.

"The quest for more meaningfulness is a quest we’re all on, not just Etsy customers," said Carlo Cavallone, global chief creative officer and partner at 72andSunny. Cavallone noted that Etsy has established a "very strong relationship with its audience: a relationship based on telling authentic, meaningful stories to sell authentic, meaningful products, made by actual humans. There’s real trust between Etsy, its sellers, its buyers and its broader audience."

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