K-Y Intense : Everybody Shout

Crowdsourcing, evolved.

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Sep 06, 2011

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Ex-McCann SVP Alessandra Lariu has a new platform that lets women creatives collaborate on projects targeted toward women. Part of Lariu's group, SheSays, the new site, Everybody Shout, puts out briefs (current ones include vodka brand Karlsson's Gold and Digiday) and lets the 3,000+ women on SheSays collaborate on creative. Clients pay to get their briefs up and users will throw out ideas and vote on the ones they like. The benefit for users is to work with some cool personalities, earn some money and bring some muscle into their portfolios. Similar to other platforms like The Idealists, Everybody Shouts operates on crowdsourcing principles, but according to "evolved collaboration" that rewards its users for any interaction on the site, including bringing in new members, commenting positively and submitting work--in the hopes of encouraging teams of women, rather than individuals to respond to briefs.

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