Red Bull Finds Common Ground Between Athletes and Dancers

Dancer/Actor Harry Shum Jr. Narrates Red Bull's New Web Mini-Series

Published On
Jul 30, 2014

Editor's Pick

Dancers and action athletes might attract different kinds of fans, but the core power and beauty of what they do come from the same places. That's the idea behind "Explore Parallels," a new web mini-series from Red Bull that explores the similarities between dance and athletic movement.

Narrated by Harry Shum, Jr. the actor and dancer best known for his role on Glee (and, also, one of the dancers in those now-iconic iPod ads), all three "Parallels" episodes hew to a similar formula, intercutting sequences of athletes' and dancers' bodies in motion.

Here, in "Rhythm," the moves of skateboarder Johnny Johannes and breakdancer Kid David weave together as Mr. Shum, Jr. expounds on a quality the two share. Viewers can also check out "Grace," which splices scenes of ballerina Kylie Lewellan and freestyle motocross athlete Alexey Kolesnikov and "Control," which juxtaposes stuntman and acrobatic dancer Remi Bakkar and a trio of mountain bike freeriders.

It's an interesting move for the brand, known primarily for its extreme sports focus. It coincides with another celebration of dance by a sports-centric marketer, Under Armour, whose new women's campaign features an anchor spot highighting ballet dancer Misty Copeland.