Whoopi Goldberg narrates a dystopian animation about climate change for Extinction Rebellion

Passion Pictures created film that gives us alternative versions of the future

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Jun 05, 2020

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Whoopi Goldberg is the narrator of a new animated film about climate change for activist group Extinction Rebellion, set in a dystopian 2050.

The film takes place in what looks like an underground bunker when a grandmother and child are shivering to keep warm by a wood fire. The child asks for a bedtime story and the grandmother, voiced by Goldberg, tells her about a world where human beings messed up the planet with pollution. She then asks the child to finish the story; she gives it a more positive ending by telling how people managed to take action and reverse the effects before it was too late. Her final question, "Did people try all these things?" gives us pause, although the film ends on a tiny glimmer of hope for the future. 

The film was created by London-based Passion Pictures, the animation house behind the environmental film "Rang-Tan" for Iceland/Greenpeace featuring Emma Thompson, which went viral on social media and changed attitudes to palm oil production worldwide. It's running on Extinction Rebellion’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to mark World Environment Day (June 5). After seeing the film, viewers are directed to a page outlining the most effective actions they can take to save the environment.