Fake tampon 'Votex' urges women to stem 'the conservative flow'

Campaign by Colorado agency Fortnight Collective is asking women to vote with their vaginas

Published On
Nov 03, 2022

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A Colorado agency is asking women to vote with their vaginas.


Nov 03, 2022
Agency :
Fortnight Collective
Founder & CEO :
Andy Nathan
Partner & President :
Devin Reiter
Partner & CFO :
Jen Jaffe
Director of Talent and Culture :
Erin Hoffman
Partner & CCO :
Adam Chasnow
Creative Director :
Becca Schepps
Creative Director :
Mona Hasan
Associate Creative Director Art :
Steph Langan Strange
Associate Creative Director Copy :
Martha Murphy Crompton
Art Director :
Anna Delaney
Senior Brand Director/Producer :
Kelly Yach
Brand Supervisor :
Tucker Kavanagh
Senior Brand Manager :
Lauren Koslosky
Brand Manager :
Lauren Kotz
Brand Manager :
Jane Pendergast
Brand Coordinator :
Rosie Chester
3D Render/Animation :
Ronn Lueang
Photography :
Chet Strange
Voiceover :
Ashley Albert
Sound :
Matthew Polis

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