Family Calls

Published On
Jan 17, 2024


The new Grand Cherokee lineup of cars offers a selection to different types of consumers. We needed to find a reason to put all three of these types into one :30 second commercial. The General Market campaign did it through its use of “Bear Hunt,” but we knew that we needed a different angle for the Hispanic angle; we found that out of the three core values Hispanic consumers relate to in stories, family was the one that opened the road for Grand Cherokee. “Family Calls” is just that, three siblings from different parts of the country, come together in their different Grand Cherokees to celebrate with their parents. We were also able to pay homage to Jeep heritage by having our Father character be a veteran and an original Grand Cherokee driver. Through the stunning visuals shot in Utah and an emotional voiceover, we showcase an appreciation for the planted roots that became the spark for a new generation of Grand Cherokee vehicles and drivers. 

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