This telecom brand is letting you add your dog to your cellphone plan

Campaign by Acne combines a GPS tracker and your smartphone

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Mar 20, 2018

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Most telecom family plans let you add your children to your smartphone package, but how about your dog? In Sweden, you now can.

In a bid to stand out in a saturated market, Swedish mobile operator Telenor is offering its customers a chance to add another SIM card to their package, allowing them track pets via a GPS Tracker Minifinder. The user can get notifications to their smartphone when the dog has gone a certain distance from their home, and also see its movements from the last 24 hours.

The initiative was developed by Swedish agency Acne, which has also made a funny spot to promote it, seen here, with the various dogs giving testimonials about how they feel about it (not all of them are happy). There are also further social videos and there's even a "customer service" number for dogs, which you can call up and get barked at.

A spokesperson for Acne says in a statement: "Tracking collars for animals have been around for awhile, but in the context of having the whole family, including the dog, on the same plan, it becomes an emotional statement that proud dog owners will hopefully be happy to talk about."