Farmers Insurance draws out the inevitable accident with three-part ads on Hulu

Pigeons get revenge and a balloonist apologizes (sort of) in spots from RPA

Published On
Jan 03, 2019

Editor's Pick

J.K. Simmons has spent years presenting property damage horror stories for Farmers Insurance, each time introducing a tale of woe quickly remedied with a simple claim. Now RPA is shaking up the formula, spreading stories out over multiple ad slots and giving Simmons more time to chew the scenery.

Three ads--a :30, a :15 and another :30--wrap TV episodes on Hulu. The first spot begins as usual, with a glimpse at the “Hall of Claims,” statuettes or installations commemorating a particularly strange accident. Rather than cutting straight to the incident, Simmons lampshades the three-parter and gets some time to banter with his guest.

Part two sets up the tragedy in brief. In “Parking Splat,” a driver jealously protective of his convertible refuses to park beneath a flock of pigeons, a decision that has ironic consequences in part three, when the deed we’re all here to see is finally done.

Another story, “Fly-By Ballooning,” gets the same treatment on Hulu, and both tales are also running as single :30 spots in a more traditional format.