Get Lost in StreetEasy's Amazingly Detailed NYC Neighborhood Posters

Gorgeous Campaign Targets Commuters in Subway Stations

Published On
Jun 13, 2016
Find Your Formula - LES/Queens

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It's easy to get lost in this poster campaign from real estate website StreetEasy, running in New York subway stations. It features incredibly detailed artwork reminiscent of the kind found in children's books like "Where's Waldo?" The posters depict different neighborhoods, like the Lower East Side and Queens.

The idea of the campaign, by Office of Baby and featuring illustrations from collective Tulips & Chimneys, is for commuters to while away time waiting for their trains by getting lost in the detail.

The copy continues the format of previous ads with the tagline "Find Your Formula" and uses a simple equation of words, like "Ice Tream Truck" + "Fire Escape" + "Hot Trash Odor" = "The Perfect Night" to describe the Lower East Side for example.

In the future, it might be fun to see a meta effort with a line reading "Street Easy Poster" + "Standing in the Subway" = "Less Painful Walk Through Bowels of NYC Public Transport."