This bag made out of towels is a simple solution for your Doritos fingers

Tel Aviv agency Gefen Team designed the packaging with gamers in mind

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Jan 29, 2019

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While Doritos is plugging itself during the Super Bowl in a Backstreet Boys reunion alongside Chance the Rapper, this idea from Israel would have come handy during game day.

The Frito-Lay snack brand and Tel Aviv-based agency Gefen Team have introduced a clever solution to that big headache that comes with eating the chips--Doritos Fingers.

Likely many of you have suffered the affliction--when seasoned crumbs cake onto your digits--making casualties of your couch, clothing, cuddly pets and other conveniently located textiles. But thanks to Doritos’ new “Towel Bag” you won’t even need to think about wiping as you chow down.

The idea is sustainable too--the 100 percent terry cloth bag is machine-washable, for use in repeated munchfests.

According to Gefen Team--the packaging was created with Doritos-loving gamers in mind, so the agency teamed up with video game retailer BUG to debut the towel bag in a limited run. But we think it can go even further--perhaps a crossover to cheesy fellow Frito-Lay brand Cheetos? And, if it made the leap to the U.S. for game day, anxious NFL fans would have something to soak up the sweat from their brows.