Fiverr: From $262 Million Startup to $1.2 Billion IPO in 3.5 Years

Published On
Jul 30, 2019


Fiverr, a digital marketplace for freelance services, hired DCX Growth Accelerator to build its brand.  DCX used its cultural strategy approach to develop its first brand strategy and develop a creative platform that would turn it into a cultural icon.

DCX’s “In Doers We Trust” campaign articulated a clear POV, voice and brand aesthetic. It also established a powerful brand platform that spoke directly to Fiverr’s target base.

Fiverr users are everyday entrepreneurs, not elite entrepreneurs. They often do not have the resources owned by the founder-elite who are constantly celebrated by the media.  There existed a tension between the lives of this ‘work hard’ and ‘get sh*t done’ user and the culture of entrepreneurial puffery that we see in TED talks, the VC community and large corporations. 

In addition to the campaign video, DCX has done two iterations of the “In Doers We Trust” OOH campaign.

 Most recently, it’s work with Fiverr culminated in a massive IPO announcement - “Doers take Wall Street,” which invited real Fiverr “doers” to reimagine iconic Wall Street imagery. DCX outfitted the NYSE in custom artwork including a massive banner covering the building’s facade and several artfully painted bulls. 

Ultimately, Fiverr’s stock premiered at $39.90 per share totalling a valuation of about $1.2 billion - a 305% increase over just three and a half years.


DCX’s work with Fiverr has included online video and three out of home campaigns, including the NYSE takeover.