Burger King finds something peculiar in the homes of McDonald's execs

These McMansions reveal something unexpected

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Apr 25, 2018

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Burger King's latest stunt campaign "grills" former McDonald's execs for their backyard cooking styles. BK somewhat subtly points out, using photos pulled from real estate listings and articles about unnamed former executives, that they all had not only ornate yards, but that those yards featured grills. Apparently, when they weren't busy cooking up plans for the Golden Arches, they just might have been making their own flame-grilled burgers, aka BK's cooking method.

The "McMansions" print ads are set to run in U.S. newspapers including the New York Daily News and Chicago Sun-Times. Like many of BK's recent campaigns, which emphasize the grilling technique used at the home of the Whopper, the work comes from David Miami.

The executives who used to own the homes aren't named, but Burger King says the three images come from homes that were once owned by a McDonald's president, chief operating officer and director.