This poster for vampire series 'The Passage' burned up in the sun

Outdoor ad from BETC/Havas behaved just as the bloodsuckers do

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May 20, 2019

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To promote the Fox vampire series “The Passage” in the Brazilian market, BETC/Havas in Brazil created billboards that act just like the bloodsuckers do—they burn up in the sun.

The posters were installed in the middle of the night in Sao Paulo, so once the sun came out, passersby would see them combust and then burn out until they were nothing but ashes. 

To create the ads, the agency applied a special flammable paint to the backs of the posters so they would light on fire once rays of the sun hit. To keep pedestrians safe, they were encased in fireproof material. 

“The piece wasn't simply positioned outdoors, it actually used the outdoor environment to spread its message," said Andrea Siqueira, executive creative director at BETC/Havas in a statement.