Fox Networks made the subtitles for 'Pose' gender neutral

Move for Latin American market addresses growing concern that the Spanish language is 'sexist'

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Feb 20, 2019

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Fox Networks has made a big move to address what’s becoming a growing concern in Latin America in the #MeToo era--that the Spanish language (among others) is sexist.

In Spanish, for example, the word for “friend” is “amigo” when describing a male buddy and “amiga” when describing a female pal. But when you set out to call out a group of friends consisting of both men and women, the male version of the word, “amigos,” wins out.

Fox Networks addressed this inequity in its recent push to promote the show “Pose,” which follows ballroom culture in the ‘80s and features the largest ever cast of transgender actors.

For the subtitles of the show, Fox Networks Latin America along with agency Astillero Buenos Aires made all the Spanish subtitles gender neutral--subverting standard grammatical rules to introduce new non-gendered language. That largely involved switching the o's and a's in words to e's. For example, instead of using the word "amigos," the subtitles would read "amigues." The word "todos," which means "all," changed to "todes."

Fox and Astillero worked alongside LGBT organizations to analyze characters’ intentions in each scene in order to create the appropriate subtitles, which were broadcast on streaming platforms as well as on broadcast TV.

According to Andre Takeda, VP-creative at Fox Networks Group Latam, for now, the gender neutral subtitles are featured only on episodes of "Pose," which began running last fall.



Feb 20, 2019
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Fox Networks Group Latin America

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