A woman risks life and limb in this thrilling ad with an unexpected message

Environmental organization Friends of the Earth debuts ad created out of Don't Panic London

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Jan 21, 2020

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In a new spot by agency Don't Panic London, Jasmine Jobson, star of Netflix series "Top Boy," stars as a young woman who bolts upright in bed in a panic and goes racing out of the house through the streets of London in pursuit of a speeding garbage truck.

The chase takes on the feel of an action thriller with as we see Jobson making daring leaps and fast-paced sprints before she finally catches up with the truck by jumping off a bridge.

She was driven to such extremes because of a silly mistake—in the end, we see her hand emerge from under a mountain of trash in a garbage dump, holding up a plastic bottle. "Wrong bin," she says to the dump workers.

The ad, titled "We've all been there," is from environmental charity Friends of the Earth and puts an fresh spin on capturing our eco-anxiety in a category largely occupied by dystopian, depressing scenes of our planet and its wildlife under threat. The spot goes on to reassure viewers that while they might feel anxious, Friends of the Earth has a plan for tackling climate change. 

“One of the most telling elements of producing this idea, is how everyone on the crew identified with the issue," said Rick Dodds, creative partner, Don’t Panic, in a statement. “Everybody had a story about feeling eco-anxiety over one thing or another. Jasmine Jobson really embodied it, and she was simply brilliant—throwing herself into chase scene after chase scene over three, freezing cold nights in South East London.” ​

He added that the intention was to make the spot not feel like a typical charity film. "We wanted to create a high-intensity, Hollywood-esque chase scene that got pulses racing," he said. "The more dramatic we made it, the more humor there would be in the reveal; it was all for a plastic bottle she’d put in the wrong bin.”

The film was directed by Eoin Glaister at Stink Films. It was shot using an Arri Alexa mini, while fast-action scenes were filmed with the help of a rickshaw, mori and a Maxima rig. For the bridge scene, a deserted road in the former Olympic park was used, and a stunt double took the plunge for Jobson.

It’s running across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, as  part of Friends of the Earth’s wider climate campaign #TakeBackTomorrow.



Jan 21, 2020
Client :
Friends of the Earth
Agency :
Don't Panic
MD :
Joe Wade
Creative Partner :
Rick Dodds
Senior Account Manager :
Kath Lewis
Senior Project Manager + Producer :
Jennifer Clare Houlihan
Senior Engagement Strategist :
Florence Auckland
Creative :
Madeline Charles
Creative :
Jake Moss
Creative :
Manuel Fleitas
Creative :
Alex Allmeida
Graphic Designer :
Ellen Crowther
Production :
Stink Films
Director :
Eoin Glaister
Executive Producer :
Blake Powell
Producer :
Martha McGuirk
Production Manager :
Georgia Eyers
Production Assistant :
Nellie Heron-Anstead
Locations Manager :
Conor White Andrews
1st AD :
Gareth Tandy
2nd AD :
Joe Jones
Runner :
Maddie Davies
Director of Photography :
Fabian Wagner
Focus Puller :
Philip Heron
2nd AC :
Josh Tilley
Grip :
Peter Olney
2nd Grip :
Malcom McGilchrist
Maxima Rig :
Clive Williamson
Crane Tech :
Adam Samuelson
Davo McConville
Playback :
Pete Hodgson
Sound :
Ioannis John Pavildes
Gaffer :
Peter Bishop
Electrician :
Greg Probert
Electrician :
George Castle
Art Director :
Sean Hogan
Art Director Asst :
David O’Neill
Props Asst :
Martin Rooney
Art Dept Asst :
Kat Hawker
Rubbish Truck Driver :
Martin Galapin
Hair and MakeUp :
Shamirah Sairally
Costume :
Rhona Ezuma
Stunt Coordinator :
Jim Dowdall
Stunt Double :
Maria Hippolyte
Medic :
Alex Gardner
Animal Wrangler :
Gill Raddings
Camera Truck :
Gary Smith
Minibus :
Andy Doyle
Dining Bus :
Bob Payne
Lighting Truck :
Dave Gray
Grip Van :
Jordan Worley
Alpina Van :
Steven Passinghan
Hero :
Jasmine Jobson
Rubbish Truck :
Edward Aczel
Extras :
Jill Buchanan
Extras :
Stuart Whelan
Extras :
Jason Shillingford
Edit House :
Editor :
James Forbes-Robertson
Producer :
Polly Kemp
Edit Assist :
Solène Henry
Post House :
Executive Producer :
Alison Wendt
Grade :
Denny Cooper
VFX Artist :
Milo Paterson
VFX Artist :
Scott Ryan
Audio Post-Production :
Sound Designer :
Aaron Taffel
Producer :
Molly Butcher
Composer :
Conor O' Brien
Music Consulting :
5 Missions More
Music Consulting :
Abla El-Sharnouby
Music Consulting :
Tom Simpson

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