After Rugs Revelation, Ikea Helps You Design Your Own 'Game of Thrones' Cape

Retailer Responds to Huffington Post Article About the Night Watch's Costumes

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Aug 14, 2017
Game of Thrones Rug FB Post

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Ikea is great at responding to popular culture -- take its response earlier this year when fashionistas pointed out how Balenciaga's expensive bright blue tote looked like one of its large Frakta carriers.

Its latest quick-thinking response involves "Game of Thrones." After a Huffington Post story revealed that a costume designer on the show had let slip that the capes worn by the Westeros Night Watch are in fact made from Ikea furry rugs, Ikea Norway posted a quick guide to creating your own cape on Facebook.

SMFB Oslo was the agency responsible for the post -- but you don't need to be Norwegian to follow the instructions. All you need is a rug, a pair of scissors and a quick diagram, apparently, and you too can look as if you're ready for winter to come.