General Motors' new ad is a rom-com on wheels

GM launches safety brand Periscope in cute love story

Published On
Aug 02, 2021

Editor's Pick

General Motors takes a turn into Hallmark territory for the launch of its new safety brand, Periscope. “Pleasant Surprises,” created with McCann Detroit, imagines a world where all of life’s unexpected collisions happen off the road.

Cheekily set to Howie Day’s “Collide,” the 60-second spot finds two drivers jamming out to the tune as they drive side-by-side. When the cars get a little too close, a safety alarm halts the music and puts the two back on track.

The same duo cross paths again, this time a little more safely. While grabbing their identical coffee orders at a cafe, the two crash into one another. Ice and drink splash everywhere, but they laugh it off and stare romantically into one another’s eyes. If only every wreck were this adorable.

The spot imagines the safer future GM hopes to ensure for its drivers through Periscope, which comprises its safety initiatives across tech, research and advocacy. “Pleasant Surprises” is an evolution of GM's recent efforts to promote its line of electric vehicles. The campaign will run in the U.S. on digital and social.