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Best sales week in two years, it's a sleep come true

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Mar 19, 2024
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Sleep-aid advertising is wrought with images of smiling, contented sleepers, tucked in their beds. But through research, we discovered that the act of sleeping wasn’t the true benefit of sleep-aids; it was waking up the next morning feeling ready to take on the day. So, we broke category conventions and focused our Sleep-eze communication on a sunny, idyllic morning our hero wakes up to.


As the story unfolded however, there were subtle/quirky cues that kept the viewer guessing – was this all really happening? Or was it all a dream? As it turns out, it was a dream, as we watched our hero wake up at the end of the spot to an actual sunny morning, refreshed and rejuvenated, with fewer ducks and Sleep-eze trucks.

We couldn’t promise this product would provide a “good night sleep”, so we leaned into the whimsy of a dream to communicate how Sleep-eze helps you sleep deeply (i.e. when you dream, you’re in a REM sleep state), and that a good night’s sleep, can be a dream come true. This ‘dream’ approach allowed us to stay away from claims and differentiate Sleep-eze from other sleep-aid brands.

By abandoning category norms, we were able to achieve the breakthrough the brand needed, driving sales and ultimately strengthening the brand’s leadership position in the process. In fact, after just one week on air, Sleep-Eze had their best sales week in two years (51.8% Increase in Units sold vs. previous five-week average).

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Mar 19, 2024
Agency :
FUSE Create
Executive Creative Director :
Steve Miller
Creative Director :
Patrice Pollack
Art Director :
Chloe Kim
Art Director :
Emmanuel Obayemi
Copywriter :
Samuel Rudykoff
Group Account Director :
Lindsay Ditkofsky
Agency Producer :
Andrew Schulze
Client :
Prestige Brands
EVP Marketing & Sales :
Adel Mekhail
Senior Marketing Director :
Patrick Kane
Associate Brand Manager :
Ciara Famble
Production Company :
Soft Citizen
Director :
The Perlorian Brothers
Director of Photography :
Barry Parrell
Executive Producer :
Eva Preger
Executive Producer :
Link York
Executive Producer :
Rob Burns
Line Producer :
Merrie Wasson
Editing :
School Editing
Editor :
Ben Canny
Audio :
Audio :
Tom Eymundson
Online :
Fort York
Media :
French Adaption :
Head Space

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