Giancarlo Esposito hunts a chicken in Far Cry 6 trailer

Traktor directs blockbuster film from DDB Paris ahead of game's launch

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Sep 30, 2021

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Giancarlo Esposito appears (in CGI form) in an epic trailer for Ubisoft’s shooter game “Far Cry 6,”  in which the "Breaking Bad" star will play evil dictator Anton Castillo.

The film, by DDB Paris, centers on a renegade rooster who’s captured by the evil regime of Castillo to entertain the soldiers in a cockfight. The bird then escapes and goes on the run, hunted by Castillo and his army, laying the foundations of a revolution among the disgruntled inhabitants of Yara island, the tropical island on which the game’s latest episode is set. Far Cry 6 will see them, alongside guerilla fighter Dani Rojas (the player character in the game), decide to rise up against the regime that oppresses them.

The spot was created by DDB Paris, directed by Traktor collective and animated by the Swedish studio Important Looking Pirates, which created VFX for “The Mandalorian,” “Westworld” and “Watchmen.” The team used motion capture to give the CGI film a real-life look.

It's airing from this week in cinemas, on TV and on digital media ahead of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 release date of Oct. 7. 


Sep 30, 2021
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ilp - important looking pirates
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