Gucci's holiday ad recreates a '90s office party that looks a lot like the '70s

Some social media users have criticized the film for getting the decades wrong

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Nov 17, 2020

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Nobody will be having office parties in 2020 (except possibly on Zoom), so perhaps that's why Gucci has decided to hold one of its own in a nostalgic, kitschy Christmas campaign. 

The luxury brand says it aims to recreate the '90s in a spot directed by Akinola Davies Jr., set in an office block with employees enjoying Secret Santa, karaoke, dancing around their desks and even photocopying antics involving a Gucci handbag. It's all accompanied by the Yazoo (Yaz in the U.S.) classic '80s pop track "Only You." The film was conceived by creative director Alessandro Michele, shot by photographer Mark Peckmezian and art directed by Christopher Simmonds.

As the Mail Online pointed out, however, the festive ad seems to have mixed up its eras, with Twitter critics pointing out that while Gucci got the computers and telephones of the era right, the fashions are straight out of the '70s. "I must have lived through a different 90s," said one. "70s clothes + 80s music = 90s?"

Having worked in a London office in the '90s, we can't help but agree—the looks are more Shoreditch hipster of today trying to recreate the '70s  than anything from the era of the Spice Girls and Kate Moss. That said, it's a fun, feel-good film, which makes us long for the innocent days of conga-ing around the office and seeing your co-workers IRL. 

Speaking of congas, as part of the campaign, Gucci also created its own video game "Conga Master," available on the brand's app.