Gilead hits London in Channel 4's provocative campaign for the Handmaid's Tale

Posters proclaim a woman's place is in the home

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May 18, 2018

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U.K. commuters in London are today are being confronted by some pretty shocking media, including a digital poster at Waterloo station that reads: "The City is no place for a woman. A woman's place is at home."

There's also a cover wrap on free newspaper Metro that proclaims: "Women are not allowed to read this newspaper," and OOH across the country with slogans such as "Women have no business doing business."

The chiiling messages carry no branding initially, but they're all part of a campaign by Channel 4, promoting the second series of Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale," which starts this weekend in the U.K.. The initial message is followed by a "reveal" in which the main character Offred holds a burning Handmaid's headdress alongside a message that will be famiilar to fans of the show: "Don't let the bastards grind you down."

Channel 4's in-house creative team 4Creative is behind the campaign, and its head of creative Alice Tonge says in a statement: "In a world where women are quite rightly demanding equal pay, speaking out against harassment and where gender equality is such a hot topic, we wanted to sneak up on people unexpectedly and create temporary outrage with a controversial campaign to launch the second season of The Handmaid's Tale."


May 18, 2018
Brand :
Channel 4
Agency :
Head of Marketing :
James Walker
Group Marketing Manager :
Nic Moran
Marketing Manager :
Clare Morrish
Executive Creative Director :
Alice Tonge
Creative Director :
Tom Woodington
Creative Director :
Robin Temple
Creative :
Francesca van Haverbeke
Creative :
Anne-Grit Maier
Creative :
Caio Turbiani
Senior Producer :
Fiona Wright
Producer :
Nicole Roberts
Business Director :
Jane English
Project Manager :
Olivia Emmerson
Designer :
Victoria Phillips
Artwork :
Giles Butcher
Senior Digital Producer :
Christos Savvides
Digital Producer :
Lucy Ferguson
Executive Channel Producer :
Miketta Lane
Creative Director :
Dan Chase
Director :
Kas Diment
Social Video Director :
Charlie Barclay
Digital Production Assistant :
Kelly Lacroix
Post Production :
Time Based Arts
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Audio :
Creative :
Raminder Samra

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