Harry’s tells a fragrant love story in quirky new spot

The DTC men’s grooming brand worked with Uncommon Creative Studio on the campaign

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Jun 05, 2024

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A few things in life are certain: death, taxes, and having an instant attraction to a stranger based on their scent alone. At least, that’s the mindset Uncommon Creative Studio employs in its new campaign for DTC men’s grooming brand Harry’s.

Dubbed “The Sniff,” the hero spot depicts a love story that starts with, well, a sniff. 

The 30-second ad opens with a man getting ready for his day using Harry’s products including deodorant and body wash. Soon, he’s commuting on public transportation when a woman—looking suspiciously like a video game NPC—floats over and inhales his scent.

Fireworks explode behind the pair, and their life flashes before them as they stand frozen side by side, “American Gothic” style. One second, they’re on a romantic vacation in Paris together—the next, they’re getting married. Having a baby and buying a home come next. She’s sniffing him the whole time, nostrils flaring.

In the ad’s final scene, the pair are still side by side … but this time, as gravestones. Her headstone reads, “She loved how he smelled.” His, which is surrounded by Harry’s products, reads, “He smelled great.” 

The ad is set to run across streaming and owned-channels.

“We looked at the work being done across men’s hygiene and thought, ‘What this category is really missing is a unique blend of non-player-characters from video games … and death,” said Sam Shepherd, chief creative officer at Uncommon New York.

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