Helping H&M rekindle Its spark with New York City

How do you make one of the world’s largest fashion brands feel local?

Published On
Apr 24, 2020


2019 was an important year for H&M. With the launch of its new Hudson Yards store, the brand will have had a presence in New York City for more than 19 years. Day One needed to reignite New Yorkers’ passion for the brand to ensure an eager crowd lined up outside the store on opening day.

The strategy was to make H&M feel locally relevant to New Yorkers by reconnecting with the city. Day One would use the voices of New Yorkers (including H&M employees) themselves to create a multi-channel story - starting with a Love Letter in New York Magazine - that would reach the citizens of one of the world’s greatest cities, generating excitement and anticipation for the new H&M store opening.

The main message? We love it here, because we love you here.

Nearly 5,000 New Yorkers lined up on opening day and the H&M Loves New York campaign generated earned media coverage across WWD, Mr., Instyle and more. Plus, H&M Loves became the platform for future store launches.