and Poo-Pourri pair up to help you through your 'First Poo With Boo'

The brands partner in content campaign to help you navigate going No. 2 while traveling with significant other

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Sep 30, 2019

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Taking your first overnight trip with a significant other poses a serious problem: what happens when you have to go No. 2? No need to fret, since lodging platform and toilet spray brand Poo-pourri have joined forces to  help steer you through the rite of passage.

In a content campaign created out of CPB entitled “#FirstPooWithBoo,” the brands’ spokescharacters Captain Obvious and Bethany become broadcasters, of sorts, who deliver a play-by-play as a new couple navigates the delicate situation of delivering B.M.s during their first overnight getaway.  

While the man employs “The Lobby Leave Behind” technique in which he makes an excuse to leave the hotel room altogether, the woman decides to pull the “Sink Silencer” move to help drown out her farts and plops. JJ Adler of M ss ng P eces was on board to direct the effort, which will be running for six weeks. conducted a survey that found 37% of people experience anxiety about going number two during a first trip with someone they are dating, while 73% of those will actually go to extreme measures to ensure they make their “deposit” while away from the significant other. 

As part of the campaign, the companies also created a “How-To” list of moves and techniques you can use during your trip in the absence of Poo-Pourri. The companies also created a co-branded package that includes Poo-Pourri’s best selling spray Original Citrus, which will be given to the first 500 customers who book on After that, shoppers can purchase to limited edition boxes for $9.95.