Adobe Turns Its 'Hovering Art Director' Into an Action Figure

Designers Can Enter a Contest to Win One

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May 08, 2017

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Creatives, is your boss always looking over your shoulder? Now you can get a limited edition action figure to do that too.

Back in March, Adobe Stock highlighted the challenges of keeping up with "hovering art directors" with a funny video, featuring a designer given a ridiculous last-minute brief and turning to Adobe Stock to help as the client meeting looms.

Now, Adobe and the campaign creative agency, Amsterdam-based Achtung! Mcgarrybowen, have created a "Hovering Art Director" action figure to go with the campaign, and designers will have a chance to win their very own. With the ability to speak 20 pre-recorded lines when you tap him on the head, the figure sports skinny jeans, limited-edition sneakers and geometric tattoos and, like any good art director, clutches his notebook full of ideas. The figures have been designed in collaboration with design studio YumYum London.

If you're interested, you can win one by sharing your best "Hovering Art Director" quote on social media or visiting the contest website between now and May 21. The best submissions will be shown throughout the competition, and a real-life team of (perhaps even hovering) art directors will pick the winners.

Adobe is also holding a live stream session on June 7, in which you can create your own ad for "WolfBear ginger beer" (the fictional brand from the video) using Adobe Stock and have a chance to win a figure.