How the Dalí Museum is using DALL-E to transform dreams into art

Project by Goodby Silverstein & Partners uses AI to create images based on visitors' dream descriptions

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Nov 29, 2022

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Bringing the artificial intelligence system "DALL-E" to the The Dalí Museum sounds like a creative no-brainer. But this new project from Goodby Silverstein & Partners is about more than a clever pun; it's an ambitious immersive project that aims to transform visitors' dreams into art.

To accompany the St. Petersburg, Florida-based museum's new exhibition "The Shape of Dreams," GS&P created the "Dream Tapestry." The experience begins by asking visitors to describe a recent, recurring or favorite dream. Using each description, DALL-E generates original, photo-realistic images to turn the personal dreams into individualized art pieces, based on the artistic styles featured in the exhibition. All of these are displayed in a collective "tapestry" displayed on a 12-foot screen on The Dalí’s gallery walls.

The project, which was created by GS&P with creative concepting by Minds Over Matter, and OpenAI, the creator of DALL-E, is the first interactive use of DALL-E in a museum.

A presentation of how the experience was created, how the technology works and a gallery of each dream created in real-time at The Dalí can be seen at

"Salvador Dalí relied heavily on dreams in the making of his art and encouraged us all to study our nighttime journeys,” said Jeff Goodby, co-founder and co-chairman of GS&P, in a statement. “The Dream Tapestry will visualize a remembered or imagined dream in an artistic style, magically joining together the dreams of six different visitors. Amazingly, this will give us a collective image of what we are dreaming as a country — even as a world — at that particular moment.”


Nov 29, 2022
Client :
The Dali Museum
Agency :
Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Executive Director :
Hank Hine
Chief Operating Officer :
Kathy Greif
Digital Experiences Director :
Beth Harrison
Marketing Director :
Beth Bell
Facilities Director :
Brian Iacofano
Co-Chairman and Co-Founder :
Jeff Goodby
Director of Artificial Intelligence :
Nathan Shipley
Associate Creative Director :
Ricardo Matos
Associate Creative Director :
Patrick Matzenbacher
Lead Creative Technologist :
August Bjornberg
Creative Technologist :
Shan Jin
Creative Technologist :
Joshua Blair
Post Production :
Elevel Post
Director :
Michael Damiani
Executive Producer :
John Dutton
Creative Director :
Mike Landry
Motion Artist :
Natasha Candelaria
Motion Artist :
Zachary Seidner
Motion Artist :
Nick Bizzack
Editor :
Russel Fong
Composer & Sound Engineer :
Nicholas DeMatteo
Account Manager :
Daney Ramirez
Director of Production :
Jim Haight
Executive Producer :
Tena Goy
Senior Producer :
Severin Sauliere
Producer :
Jackie Nelms
Director of Business Affairs :
Judy Ybarra
Principal Creative :
Travis Threlkel
Principal Content :
Marc Melzer
Principal Design Strategy :
Alex Oropeza
Associate Creative Director :
Naohito Haitani
Dream Theory Consultant :
Michaela Costello
Lead Designer :
Kevin Veitch
Lead Fabricator :
Johnny Harrison
Director of Film Content :
JP Patterson
Director of Photography :
Jason Young
Line Producer :
Nicole Gonzalez
Video Production :
WinnePeg Productions

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