HSBC created 'sounds of home' audio for homesick international students

The banking giant is catering to its global audience in campaign via Edelman

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Sep 04, 2019

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HSBC is appealing to homesick international students studying abroad by creating audio "soundscapes" to remind them of home. 

The "Sounds of Home" project, developed by Edelman U.K., asked former students and international influencers including Meh Chou, Melissa Koh and Zarnizar to record the sounds of their home cities in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and India. The resulting audio tracks for those countries will be available on services including Youtube, Alexa, Spotify and iTunes.

The project, which promotes the bank's international services, targets outbound students from Malaysia, Taiwan, India and Singapore who are now studying in the U.K. and U.S.  It's the first work by Edelman for HSBC.

According to a study by HSBC, 92 percent of international students say that they miss the familiarities of home while studying overseas, with almost 57 percent saying it’s the sensory experience they miss most, and 74 percent specifically missing the sounds of their hometown.