Snickers Repackages Its Bars for Your Cranky, Spacey, Hungry Friends

'Dial-A-Snickers' Helpline Also Features in Latest Campaign

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Sep 17, 2015
Hunger Bars

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Snickers has been massively successful with its "You're Not You When You're Hungry" ads, and now the brand, and agency BBDO, are extending that theme into its packaging and social media.

On select bars available across the U.S., it has replaced its Snickers logo with "hunger symptoms" such as Loopy, Rebellious, Feisty, Drama Mama, Curmudgeon, Sleepy and so forth, appealing to whatever side of you that's desperate for a candy bar.

To support the promotion, the brand has created a funny online film which imagines a "Dial-A-Snickers' helpline which people can call to have their friends' "symptoms" diagnosed and an emergency Snickers delivered by bike messenger. We meet Dennis, a "proud operator" at the 1-800 call center, who explains how it works; customers ring in with complaints ranging from a friend who's simply "being a baby" to one who "left the house dressed like a freak" and someone who's displaying "weird clicking."

The idea of the campaign, which is running on social media sites, is to encourage people to call out their friends with a hunger bar and share using #EatASnickers.