Will Ferrell cold reads real ads for the 'Ron Burgundy Podcast'

The comedian reprises his 'Anchorman' character for a 2-season show on iHeartRadio

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Feb 07, 2019

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San Diego’s own madcap news anchor Ron Burgundy is back, and he’s got plenty to say.

No, it’s not “Anchorman 3.” (But keep fingers crossed for another sequel). Will Farrell is reprising the role of the mustachioed newsman for a 2-season podcast from iHeartRadio and co-produced by Funny or Die. The obliviously dated Burgundy doesn’t quite grasp the concept of a podcast, but true to form, he plows through each episode with unearned confidence, accompanied by his long-suffering co-host Carolina Barlow.

Of course, in addition to hosting duties, every podcaster needs to cold read ads, and Ferrell steps it up with promos for actual presenting sponsors Charmin, Safe Auto Insurance and car subscription app Fair.


The entire rollout has been completely in character. Burgundy announced the podcast late last year via Twitter, blending real-life and farce much like the movie series does, calling out actual news anchor Don Lemon. The iHeartRadio campaign for the show refers to Burgundy as a real person, carefully avoiding the fourth wall altogether, with real execs quoting interactions with Burgundy, who has been having trouble adapting to digital media.


He weighs in on modern phenomena like true crime thrillers, current politics and the latest movies. He’s even dating (and apparently not with Veronica Corningstone at the moment. Maybe she’s too busy dealing with poorly-behaved candy.)

The first episode is out now, and additional episodes air on Thursdays. Stay classy, listeners.

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