Ikea has a solution for bored kids during the pandemic: its catalog

Retailer worked with McCann Israel to turn its promotional tome into a workbook

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Apr 06, 2020

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If you are a working parent with little ones at home like us, we suspect that in the midst of this pandemic your children may be 1) indulging in a little too much screen time, 2) finding unique canvases for their crayons and chewing gum 3) making plenty of new friends (your coworkers on Zoom) or 4) all of the above. Now, however, Ikea has a diversion to keep your spawn entertained—its catalog.

Along with McCann Tel Aviv, the furniture retailer has created a new version of its promotional tome that doubles as a workbook for kids. Pages that promote Ikea’s blocky Kallax bookshelves double as a grid for tic-tac-toe games; mazes challenge children to make their way to the store or find a Lampan table lamp a home; coloring sheets send them searching for hidden Allen keys and Ikea’s wooden pencils become the boats in a “Battleship”-like game. 

The promotion follows Ikea Israel’s recent social media post that mimicked the brand’s famously spare instruction manual to promote the importance of social distancing.