Under Armour Pays Tribute to NFL 'Warriors' Like Brady and Newton in Art

Posters of Players 'Embrace the Menace of Football'

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Aug 09, 2016

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Under Armour is marking the start of the NFL season by paying tribute to some of its top players in a series of illustrated artworks.

The sports brand commisssioned artists Cesar Moreno, Jeremy Packer, Ken Taylor, Oliver Barrett and Zombie Yeti to create posters featuring Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Julio Jones, Patrick Peterson, and Demaryius Thomas. The idea is not just to celebrate the iconic athletes but to "embrace the menace of football" -- and the resulting posters certainly do this, with players depicted as ferocious warriors, out to make their mark on the opposition.

The prints are being hand delivered to the featured athletes and digital versions will be showcased through the brand's UA Football social channels for three-week period during pre-season. The project (which you can see being created in a video) was created in-house at Under Armour.