Meet Toothy, Hello's Adorable Animated Advocate for Healthier Toothpaste

72andSunny Debuts First Work for the Brand

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Apr 12, 2017

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"Clean" ingredients have been big in food marketing, but not so much in toothpaste. Hello is out to change that with a campaign breaking today from its new (since January) agency 72andSunny, greenlighted by its new (since December) VP-Marketing Joshua Nafman.

"An Inconvenient Tooth" is a nearly two-minute long animated film produced out of Hornet and directed by Andy Baker. Perhaps giving a nod to old-school educational cartoons, it follows an adorable talking molar named "Toothy" as he reveals that some toothpastes have synthetic dyes, saccharin, and propylene glycol, which in its industrial grade form is used to de-ice airplanes and in its pharmaceutical form is used to help make toothpaste foam. That's a lot to take in, but the whimsical approach makes it all the more digestible -- and fun.

Hello's products use none of the stuff Toothy dishes about. Some do have fluoride, and in 2015 Hello settled litigation with Crest marketer Procter & Gamble Co. over its former "99% Natural" labeling of fluoride products. With this ad, part of an effort that will play out on Facebook, Instagram YouTube and through various influencers, Hello steered clear of another biting controversy by not highlighting an ingredient in Colgate-Palmolive Co.'s Total toothpaste -- triclosan -- which the Food and Drug Administration is phasing out of soap over safety concerns. A spokeswoman said Hello preferred to concentrate on ingredients found across multiple brands. But the important thing is just talking about ingredients, said Mr. Nafman, citing research showing people think more about what's in their food, beauty and even cleaning supplies than their toothpaste.

A version of this story also appeared on Ad Age's Lowdown.


Apr 12, 2017
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Founder/Chief Creative Officer :
Craig Dubitsky
Founder/Chief Creative Officer :
Lauri Kotcher
Vice President, Marketing :
Joshua Nafman
Executive Creative Director/Partner :
Matt Murphy
Creative Director :
Garrett Jones
Senior Designer :
Andy Lam
Senior Writer :
Peter Hughes
Director, Strategy :
Maria Galleriu
Strategist :
Emily Pfitzinger
Brand Director :
Danielle Gard
Brand Manager :
Nai Gregory
Executive Producer :
Zeynep Taslica
Producer :
Isaac Karsen
Partnerships and Legal Director :
Kallie Halbach
Partnerships and Legal Manager :
Christopher Profeta
Production Company :
Director :
Andy Baker
Executive Producer :
Hana Shimizu
Head of Production :
Sang Bae-Jin
Producer :
Desiree Stavracos
Producer :
Cathy Kwan
Development Producer :
Kristin Labriola
Storyboard Artist :
Dan Shefelman
Editor :
Anita Chao
Lead Animator :
Mark Pecoraro
Lead Designer :
Andy Baker
Designer :
Andy Baker
Designer :
Peter Sharp
Animator :
Benjy Brooke
Animator :
Blake Patrick
Animator :
Harry Teitelman
Clean-up Animation :
Charlie Lane-Bush
Clean-up Animation :
Jamie Hobbs
Clean-up Animation :
Elena Manetta
Clean-up Animation :
Lauren Schmidt
Sound and Music :
Mix :
Engineer :
Jeff Fuller
Producer :
Whitney Fromholtz
Producer :
Angela Scherrah

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