Climb Inside Stephen Hawking's Head in BBC's Stunning Film

Aardman's Animated Video Celebrates 2016 Reith Lectures

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Jan 26, 2016

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Professor Stephen Hawking is giving this year's BBC Reith Lectures (an annual lecture series, usually by a prominent cultural figure), and to celebrate them, the BBC commissioned Aardman to make a film about the renowned physicist.

Inside His Head, which is available to view on the BBC website, imagines a journey inside Hawking's mind and combines clips of his distinctive robotic "voice" with some awesome animation, '80s disco-style synthesized music and scientfic diagrams.

Aardman director Will Studd said in a statement: "I wanted to create a stylized version of the graphics I grew up with in the '80s. I loved the kitsch futurism of the BBC's TV version of Hitchhikers Guide graphics, or the weird spacey covers of Omni magazine; I wanted to bring a bit of this back to explore Stephen's thoughts. For both films we built a soundtrack using '70s/'80s synthesizers to try and capture a sense of that retro futuristic feeling."

Fans of Hawking can also listen to his lectures, the first of which, on black holes, is on the BBC's site, accompanied by films of an artist drawing cartoon illustrations on a chalkboard.


Jan 26, 2016
Brand :
BBC Radio 4
Client :
BBC Radio 4
Production/Animation :
Aardman Animations
Director :
Will Studd
Producer :
Helen Argo
Production Manager :
Sami Goddard
CGI Team :
Ali Dixon
CGI Team :
Clare Price
CGI Team :
Rich Spence
Special Effects :
LZX Industries
Camera Assistant :
Adam Cook
DOP and Electrician :
Nathan Sale
Sound Post Production :
Laura Izzard
Editor :
Ben Craske
Composer :
Max Halstead

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