A town bids a grand farewell to its beloved teacher in heart-tugging ad for Intermarche

Another emotive spot for the French grocer from Romance and director Katia Lewkowicz weaves food into storytelling

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Aug 30, 2021

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French grocer Intermarche is back to make us teary with another emotive piece of storytellingthis time themed around back-to-school.

Since 2017, the supermarket's ads with agency Romance and director Katia Lewkowicz of Grand Bazar have centered around love stories set to classic French songs. In this case, the love is between a French mountain village and its school's much-beloved teacher, who is leaving his role for a job in Paris.

As he sadly packs up the classroom, including the class tortoise, there seems to be no-one around to bid him farewell—but that's because the entire town are getting ready to prepare a massive goodbye party for him (after a trip to the village Intermarche.) There's a twist in the story eventually that you probably could have predicted, but it may still bring a tear to the eye. The music track this time is "Un Endroit Pour Vivre" ("A Place to Live") by French composer William Sheller.


Aug 30, 2021
Client :
Agency :
Vincent Bronsard
Strategic and Operational Marketing Director :
Camille Sassi
Marketing and Communication Director :
Anne-Marie Gaultier
Brand and Communication Manager :
Perrine Vignon
Brand and Communication Director :
Anne Guivarc'h
Communications Account Manager :
Aurélie Ansart
Communications Project Manager :
Mallorie Baluteau
Media Director :
Hervé Ribaud
Christophe Lichtenstein
Executive Creative Director :
Alexandre Herve
Copywriter :
Alexandre Herve
Copywriter :
Philippe Pinel
Art Director :
Julien Rézette
Head of Strategy :
Jérôme Lavillat
Associate Director :
Marie-Laure Dangeon
Associate Director :
Emilie Franck
Account Director :
Arthur Amis
Project Manager :
Mathilde Cuveillier
TV Producer :
Emilie Talpaert
Production :
Grand Bazar
Director :
Katia Lewkowicz
Andrijs Parekh
Edit :
Thierry Hoss
Stylist :
Sonia Philouze
Production Design :
Clement Price Thomas
Executive Producer :
Juliette Desmarescaux
Production Director :
Hugo Merival
Sound Production :
Music Supervisor :
Alexandre Rabia

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