Daniel Wolfe Captures Dystopian Beauty in New Video for Paolo Nutini

Disturbing, Beautiful Images Suffuse Film for 'Iron Sky'

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Aug 07, 2014

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Daniel Wolfe recently made his leap to the silver screen directing the thriller "Catch Me Daddy," which debuted during this year's Cannes Film Festival, but the Somesuch director returns to his music video roots with this haunting short film for Scottish singer Paolo Nutini's new single "Iron Sky."

The eight-minute piece, set in a vaguely post-Soviet dystopia, is filled with striking contrasts: a smoking censer swaying along camouflage-clad legs; blooming, rippling liquids are cut together with people suffering through crushing headaches; three young men flinging themselves with abandon through an eerily empty basement disco. Each scene presents a striking photographic moment, thanks to the skillfull cinematography of Robbie Ryan, who also shot Mr. Wolfe's feature.

Critics have wondered at what the song is about (Scottish independence? Russian aggression against Ukraine?), but like all great worlds, Wolfe's is one where you can create your own meaning.


Aug 07, 2014
Brand :
Paolo Nutini
Client :
Paolo Nutini
Production Company :
Somesuch & Co
Director :
Daniel Wolfe
Producer :
Lee Groombridge
Executive Producer :
Tim Nash
Executive Producer :
Sally Campbell
Executive Producer :
Matthew Wolfe
Writer :
Matthew Wolfe
Head of Music :
Tash Tan
Director's Assistant :
Alex Hulsey
Unit Stills :
Alex Hulsey
Cinematographer :
Robbie Ryan
Production Designer :
Robin Brown
Wardrobe Stylist :
Holly Waddington
Editor :
Tom Lindsay
Grade :
Simon Bourne
Online :
Visual Effects :
Chris Parks
Production Manager :
Peter Arboine
2nd Unit Director, Photography :
Deepa Keshvala
Services Company :
Radioaktive Film
Executive Producer :
Darko Skulsky
Line Producer :
Tanya Neistova
Production Manager :
Nick Semko
Production Assistant :
Egor Pogrebnyak
Production Assistant :
Olya Kosenko
1st Assistant Director :
Anya Buryachkoba
2nd Assistant Director :
Andrew Morozov
Gaffer :
Sergey Svetnoy
Location Manager :
Borys Grishkevich
Location Manager :
Roman Pavlenko
Stylist :
Valentin Bren
Art Director :
Max Halushka
Makeup :
Ira Solodovskaya
Stunts :
Ilya Yurchishin
Casting :
Nika Bondar
Casting :
Marina Kravchenko
Casting Manager :
Marina Svetlay
Casting Manager :
Lena Volynska
Casting Manager :
Nataliya Marchenko
Playback :
Yan Vahovsky
Rental House :

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