Jack in the Box doesn't want you to get 'McShammed' by broken ice cream machines

Campaign marks first work from brand's PR and integrated campaigns AOR Small Girls PR

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Mar 03, 2022

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McDonald’s ice cream machines: the memes are funny until you’re craving a McFlurry. The joke has become an understood part of culture, recently a fixture in Taco Bell’s clown-negative Super Bowl spot and even the subject of a legal dispute. Now, Jack in the Box joins the ice cream frenzy with a new campaign that provides respite for those turned away from a seasonal Shamrock Shake.

In partnership with McBroken, a website that tracks whether or not a McDonald’s location’s ice cream machine is working, Jack in the Box is promoting its own competition for the Golden Arches’ green delicacy: an Oreo Cookie Mint Shake.

McBroken reports that more than 10% of McDonalds machines have been in disrepair since the return of the Shamrock Shake. For the month of March, Jack in the Box advertising warning visitors not to get “McShammed” will take over the McBroken site, redirecting those in need of a mint-flavored fix to Jack in the Box.

This campaign marks the debut of Jack in the Box’s new public relations and integrated campaigns agency of record, Small Girls PR. The agency, which specializes in communications and creative earned media, was the first appointment from CMO Ryan Ostrom, who entered the role last year. According to the agency, it will refine the restaurant’s strategy as well as produce events and fabricate mailers through its in-house team.


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