Steve-O of 'Jackass' gets a Liquid Death 'water tattoo'

The crazy stunt vet endures the pain of getting inked with very little reward

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Mar 15, 2022

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Last week, we saw a study that showed which brands got the most love in the form of tattoos on the bodies of fans. But now, Liquid Death takes that devotion to a new level with the help of “Jackass” vet Steve-O.

In a new video Liquid Death released today, Steve-O (known for his insane stunts such as snorting wasabi, wearing a fart mask  or getting inked on the back of an offroad vehicle—while offroading), gets his latest body art courtesy of Liquid Death—but it comes with all the pain, and none of the art.

As Liquid Death's newest ambassador, Steve-O gets a “water tattoo” of the brand’s wordmark at the hands of artist Mike Sante Fe. Instead of using ink in the tattoo gun, however, Sante Fe uses Liquid Death H20, leaving Steve-O with a gnarly, bloody neck tat—his first one!—that will eventually disappear. “This is just about as dumb as it gets,” Steve-O laughs after the session. 

The film ends with a promo for cases of Liquid Death “tattoo water” at $14.99 a pop, encouraging consumers to “Be just like Steve-O!” 

The campaign is the latest out of Party Land and follows other celebrity-driven stunts such as one featuring Wiz Khalifa enjoying Liquid Death as bong water and another in which skateboarder Tony Hawk bled for the brand so that it could infuse his red stuff into paint on branded skateboards—a campaign that according to a Liquid Death rep earned 15 billion media impressions. Before that, actor Joe Manganiello sold his soul to join the Liquid Death Country Club. 

According to wellness product-focused data technology firm Spins, Liquid Death is the fastest-growing new water brand at Walmart, and Nielsen data showed that it’s the top-selling water brand at Whole Foods. 

As reported by TechCrunch, Liquid Death revenue hit nearly $45 million last year, a huge leap from the $3 million in 2019, the first year it came onto the scene.