Jake From State Farm watched Jason Kelce’s Eagles game with Donna Kelce in spoof of Kelce-Swift hype

Maximum Effort orchestrated the stunt, which saw Jake sitting with Donna for the duration of Sunday’s game

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Oct 01, 2023
Donna Kelce sitting with Jake From State Farm at Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles game

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Turns out Travis Kelce’s brother Jason has a celebrity admirer as well—Jake From State Farm.

In an amusing twist on all the Taylor Swift hype around Travis, State Farm and agency Maximum Effort orchestrated a stunt on Sunday that saw Jake sitting with Donna Kelce to watch her other son’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles, play the Washington Commanders. Jake and Donna seemed to be fast (corporate-approved) friends, hanging out together for the duration of the game. And they picked a good one, as the Eagles outlasted the Commanders 34-31 in overtime. 

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Donna Kelce and Jake From State Farm at Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles game

Jake is well known for urging consumers to bundle their auto and home insurance. In an email to Ad Age, State Farm on Sunday said that the Jake and Donna were “the bundle we didn’t know we needed.” 

“At State Farm, we recognize the importance of being in tune with the pulse of pop culture. When a ‘lightning in a bottle’ moment appeared, we acted swiftly,” said Alyson Griffin, head of marketing at State Farm. “Our collaboration with Maximum Effort allowed us to strategically bring this creative concept to life, seamlessly joining the ongoing conversation in a timely, relevant and authentic way.” 

Jake and Jason also spent some time together, and were even spotted leaving the players’ tunnel together after the game. 


Jason Kelce and Jake From State Farm after Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles game

In Travis-Taylor news, the pop star did show up, as expected, at the Kansas City Chiefs game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on Sunday night. One of the first commercials to air during the first quarter of the game was a promo for the upcoming concert-film version of Swift’s “Eras Tour.”