Jane Goodall and Rebel Wilson take a forest bath

Sustainability campaign from HP says it's not too late for Mother Earth

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Apr 27, 2022

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Climate change may be looking pretty grim, but Jane Goodall says it’s not too late. The legendary environmentalist joins actress Rebel Wilson in HP’s latest sustainability campaign.

In a campaign film, the duo lay back in lounge chairs with a luscious, green oasis for a forest bath. Despite Wilson’s assumptions, the ritual doesn’t require a shower cap or loofah, but an appreciation for the natural beauty surrounding them.

Wilson jokes that she and Goodall should start a band called the “Tree Gees,” which Goodall is totally game for. “We could bring in the voice of the animal that I think has the most beautiful song of the forest,” responds the anthropologist. “That’s the gibbon.” She then starts mimicking the ape’s hooting call. Rebel suggests they harmonize with the sound, resulting in a hilarious and chaotic cacophony.

Wilson then asks Goodall the question on everyone’s mind: is Earth doomed. She’s quick to reassure us that we aren’t, but that we are running out of time. “Ten years if nobody bothers to do anything,” warns Goodall. “There’s this window of time when, if we plant trees and if we help to restore forests and if we help to protect forests that already exist with all their rich biodiversity, we can save Mother Earth.”

The campaign debuted this month, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the first Arbor Day celebration. It follows a campaign tying the company's tree-planting efforts to printing that debuted in January.

As part of HP’s “Plant a Tree with HP” campaign, the company has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation and Goodall’s organization Jane’s Green Hope to plant 1 million trees by the end of this year, with every HP purchase from now to the end of June contributing to the initiative.

“Private companies have a critical responsibility to use their resources and reach to ensure we’re doing everything possible to restore, regenerate and protect global forests,” said Goodall in a statement. “By working with corporations like HP, Jane’s Green Hope is able to leverage those resources to positively impact the lives of people, other animals, and the environment we share.”

“The Plant a Tree with HP campaign differs from others in that the work here doesn’t just stop with simply planting the tree,” added James McCall, chief sustainability officer at HP, in a statement. “We recognize that our role as a corporation is imperative so we have committed that every page printed through an HP printer will be forest positive. This program gives us the opportunity to bring our customers along on that journey so we can build critical mass, which is essential in addressing the extremely complex challenges we’re facing as a planet.”