Jennifer Aniston Finds a Friend in Coach in Her Second Ad for Emirates

Not Just Sampling the Delights of First Class

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Oct 06, 2016

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Jennifer Aniston is back in a second ad for Emirates -- and this time she isn't just sampling the delights of the airline's first class.

Aniston's previous outing for the airline saw the ad being accused of being "snobby" after it featured a storyline where she has a "nightmare" that she's on a normal plane, rather than a luxury Emirates one with showers and a spa.

However, in the new ad, again directed by Hungry Man's Bryan Buckley, she befriends a little boy who's wandered into her cabin, and (shock, horror), he's actually traveling in economy with his parents. Aniston takes her new charge back to his mom and dad by way of a carrot juice in the bar, as he chats to her about how he wants to be a pilot. Dad is suitably wide-eyed but it's Mom who comes off lucky as she gets to swap places with Aniston and relax in her private suite.

The spot ends with Aniston so pleased by Emirates' in-flight entertainment system that she actually wants to stay up in the air. Which could, we think, be a very good way of avoiding all the Brangelina stuff going on down below.

The script and creative concept was a collaboration between Buckley and Emirates' in-house advertising team and produced in conjunction with the WPP Group.