Jimmy John's (literally) draws a line on how far it will deliver its sandwiches

Comedic campaign from WIP illustrates the value company puts on timeliness and freshness

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Mar 22, 2019

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There are perils to ordering your food from a third-party delivery service.  It might take hours. It might arrive cold. Or crushed. Or something, inevitably, will be missing. Like that spicy mayo that is the reason you ordered those damn onion rings in the first place.

But sandwich shop Jimmy John’s wants you to rest assured. Nothing of the sort will happen if you order from its joint--at least when it comes to extended wait times and soggy grub. That’s because it’s putting a strict limit on its delivery zones, a point the company goes to ridiculous lengths to highlight in a pair of funny new spots from WorkinProgess.

The company has revamped its delivery range to no more than a five-minute drive from any of its stores. In one spot, a Jimmy John newbie delivery guy on a bike discovers, the hard way, when he cycles past that five-minute mark. In another, neighbors look on with sweaty brows and clenched buttocks watching the timer on a car approach the five-minute mark as it drives up to the customer who placed an order. Will he get his sandwiches?! The anticipation is almost unbearable.

WorkinProgress is Jimmy John’s new creative agency of record. The new spots follow an earlier campaign from February touting how the brand has shunned third-party delivery services to maintain its prices and food quality.