Jon Stewart show promo pokes fun at the dick-swinging of the rich man space race

To promote his Apple TV+ show, the comedian debuted faux trailer for 'Cum Dog Billionaires' after Jeff Bezos' successful space flight

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Jul 20, 2021

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Comedian, commentator and show host Jon Stewart rides the egos and ambitions of mega rich entrepreneurs all the way into outer space in a new promo for his much-anticipated return to television, “The Problem with Jon Stewart,” set to debut on Apple TV+ this fall.

The trailer-like film features billionaires Jeff Bezos (played by Jason Alexander), Richard Branson (portrayed by a mop), Elon Musk (played by Adam Pally), Tracy Morgan (as Bezos’ “‘diverse friend’ who would never actually hang out with Jeff Bezos in real life”) and a late appearance by the other super rich dude who founded Facebook (played by a stray cat).

It teases a saga of their increasingly heated space race, but in Jon Stewart fashion ultimately calls it out for what it is—a colossal dick swinging competition. 

The billionaires’ rockets are not spaceships—they’re giant penises. In one scene, Pally’s Musk inquires of his engineer, “Could we maybe get the curve to go midway up the shaft of the space dick?” Meanwhile, Alexander’s Bezos screams at rocket scientists, “Not enough! Not short enough! Not wide enough!”

It all culminates in a massive priapic showdown, the winner of which appears T.B.D. (Though the final scene does see Bezos feasting on a luxurious sushi platter on his own naked body.)

The title of the faux film sums it up well: “Cum Dog Billionaires.”

In timely fashion, Stewart shared the promo on Twitter today on the heels of Bezos’ successful Blue Origin space flight. “Sorry for the aborted launch!!!” he wrote. “I’m a bad twitterer. Enjoy this small step for man!” 

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Jul 20, 2021
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The Problem With Jon Stewart

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