Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz : Karaoke Breathalyzer

Sure, drinking makes things fun--but it makes this REALLY fun.

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May 20, 2012

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Bar Aurora/Boteco Ferraz and Ogilvy Brazil return with another stunt to remind people of their intoxication levels, this time, at the Karaoke machine. This time, karaoke performers at a bar sing into a special microphone hooked up to a breathalyzer--so the audience can not only hear how amazing-or terrible-their voices are, but also how much the singers have had to drink.

Previous exploits from the partnership include an effort involving a $73,000 bar tab and a drunk valet who tries to make off with customers' wheels.


May 21, 2012
Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz
Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz
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Anselmo Ramos
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Rubens Filho
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Claudio Lima
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Diego Machado
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Nana Bittencourt
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Rossana Noceloni
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Juscelino Vieira
Georgia Guerra-Peixe
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Chave Marin
Music Producer/Composer:
Dimi Kireeff

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