Flatpack Frustrations Get a Medieval Twist in This Funny KitKat Spot

Ad From Australia Introduces 'Snap Out of It' Tagline

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May 18, 2017

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According to the latest KitKat ad from Down Under, frustration with flatpack furniture instructions may not be just a modern phenomenon.

The spot applies a familiar scenario -- a mystifying instruction booklet, missing parts, the thing finally not even working -- in a medieval setting: two warriors assembling a catapult. "It's like they want you to fail!" wails one, while a medieval maiden looks on in world-weary recognition. There are some good jokes too: "It says turn it clockwise," says one while the other retorts: "I've never seen a clock, I don't know what you're talking about."

The spot, by KitKat Australia and New Zealand, puts a new slant on the long-running "Have a break" theme of the Nestle brand's advertising, by telling viewers that sometimes you just have to "Snap out of it." It was created by JWT Sydney and directed by Trevor Clarence at Revolver.